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Myth/Sparrow are down every now and again due to the host moving about. Nothing to worry about -- won't last forever. :)
On Sunday evening, I'll be offline for a full week. I'm trying to get the Myth technicality done before then. Essentially, there's a "technicality" to install on Myth that I don't have the skills to do myself - and learning them is apparently a long and complex process; I don't have the time to devote to it, and thus this technicality has to be installed by someone who already has the skills. The person in my crosshairs at the moment is very difficult to contact... I'm sort of half in contact with her, which is the best I can do. My last email was to ask if it'd be possible to have it installed before Sunday. She hasn't got back to me yet.

If it is possible, then I promise you that Myth will be fully open before I leave for the week. But if I don't hear back from the potential installer, or if she doesn't get it done before then, then it will be at least another week until Myth will be open.

Trust me, I've been doing everything I possibly can, just like every other time Myth has gone offline. As ever, I'm just as in the dark as you are! :/

Still, from what I hear, there's loads of patient Mythers waiting at the door, and we're unlikely to lose any of them. The changes were all finished last month, so... yeah, just wait.

The Hacienda

While we're here (and progressing!), I thought I'd let you guys know of The Hacienda, a realistic human RPG that was opened last year but whose setting has now been changed. Want to try out a human character (even your animal character in human form) without worrying about rules or activity? Then you want to check out The Hacienda.
The Firefox bug is now fixed - a big thank you to Akumu - so if you've adjusted your security settings, adjust 'em back. Myth will return permanently, revamp completed, at the beginning of next week - so spread the word, and keep out a sharp eye!


Just to update those of you in Firefox who can't get to Myth without messing around dangerously with your security settings, we're currently in a "waiting around" phase. I've done everything I can on Myth without putting the board offline, and am just waiting for the now returned host to take a look at the FF bug. She hasn't told me that she is, but I'm assuming. When that's fixed, it'll be a matter of days before I can complete Myth's grand revamp!
Myth and Sparrow have been renewed, guys. ^^


Myth (and Sparrow) might be down for some of you... xP If it is, it'll be back up no later than the 22nd of this month.

Myth is back up

Myth can be found at this url: http://www.shadowoflet.com/index.php A redirect will be set up ASAP, but for now it must be spread by word-of-mouth: please tell all the Mythers you know, by whatever means you can!