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Another not-update

Just checking in to let you know that I haven't forgotten Myth and Sparrow. It's been out of my hands for ages, but that hasn't worked. So I've come up with something else.


Sorry about the hold-up at Myth and Sparrow's return, though it's got nothing to do with me. I've no idea why it's taking so long, so please refrain from IMing me and my admins about it. Thank you. :)


Thanks to Westy for reminding me that this useful LJ exists! Myth and Sparrow are down because salvajewolves.net is changing hosts. I'm sorry there was no warning -- it's nobody's fault, it's just because things are happening rather quickly. Both Myth and Sparrow will be back up soon enough. Nothing whatsoever will be lost. Big thanks to Houkie for shifting the databases for us.

This move (which involves nothing whatsoever on your part, so never fear) means that the old database errors we've been getting over the months will no longer occur.

Please give this URL to as many Mythers as you can find.


Backbeat-echo needs to be renewed, which is why Myth and Era are currently down.

Please note that backbeat-echo will not be up again until at the very earliest the 29th of February. I ask that you don't get your hopes up about when they might return.

Also, when they are back up, both sites will undergo a good deal of early Spring cleaning!
Myth is BROKED at the moment. But don't worry, it'll be fixed.


In response to those of you IMing me when Myth goes down, jussssst be patient. I don't own backbeat-echo myself, so there's nothing I can do about it. If it's ever down for a number of days, I'll bring out the crossbow and hunt the relevant people down. :P And will of course keep you updated here.

Hi! :)

Welcome to Elementum RPGs, the new Livejournal community for members, ex-members or interested parties of Myth (Silverbard) and Era! All the information you need can be found in User Info, and anyone's welcome to join. If you don't already own a LJ, it's very simple to register, and equally simple to post. Feel free to comment!