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Elementum RPGs

Soon will the glade be bright with bellamour

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LJ for Myth and Sparrow
Livejournal for Myth and Sparrow, which are fantasy RPGs set in the magical planet of Elementum. Myth is very active, and is the community's original elemental wolf RPG, founded in 2004. Sparrow was founded in 2003 and has existed on and off, in the past being under the names of Talmazarin and Era. It's an elf RPG with a completely free and unrestrictive nature.

Both Myth and Sparrow are owned and created by dauntingmondego, and are at present hosted by houkie's salvajewolves.net. This LJ is especially useful for answers in the case of any errors at Myth/Sparrow, and for tracking down other Elementum roleplayers on LJ.